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Deal Design

deal design
Graphic Design

Nancy Deal has been serving local, national, and non-profit brands for their design, advertising, and marketing needs for the past 15 years. This includes logo design, corporate identity, invitations, packaging, web design, social media, collateral material and special event coordination. Noteworthy clients include Albertsons, Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts, Costco, Foster Farms, Giant Eagle, Pearson Farm, Produce Food Safety Services, Relite Water, Ride Aid, Soda Stream, Tasty Foods, and Weis Markets.

Nancy intuitively guides designs down the right path. Incredible attention to detail. Notorious for verbalizing fragmented thoughts–mid sentence–that leave the rest of us staring blankly into space wondering “huh?” Obsessed with social media, design shows and singing rhythms to songs.

She has been married for 20 years and met her husband while attending art school. They have two kids, both sophomores, one attending an university and the other a local high school. She is also the caretaker to her lovable, crazy golden retriever Chloe.

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