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South Island Design

south island design
Website Design and Development 

South Island Design is a specialized website design and development firm based out of Clearwater, FL. Corey Seymour incorporated the business in 2000 after he spent several years developing his skills as a freelancer for many of the top advertising agencies in Tampa Bay. The firm serves as the web department and marketing partner for many firms, and is the go-to web contact for numerous businesses throughout the southeastern United States.

The South Island Design philosophy is simple - since each project offers its own unique challenges, they assemble a team best suited to each individual assignment. Instead of maintaining a high-priced, full-time staff, South Island Design draws from a talented pool of experts in marketing, programming, copywriting and design, allowing the firm to always be flexible and responsive to the needs of each client.

South Island Design’s enduring relationships are the key to the firm’s success. It is not just about finishing a project and collecting a check, it’s about setting up each client for long-term success. From their first project, South Island Design focused on understanding and caring about what their clients do, so that they can gain a better understanding of their marketing goals.

The team at South Island Design has built websites for clients in fields ranging from food, real estate and building, and media and marketing, to non-profit, legal and medical. Their portfolio of recent notable sites includes:  Big Sur Technologies, Cigar City Magazine, The Georgia Pecan Commission, JW Cole Financial, Maxcy Development, and At The Table Public Relations.

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