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At The Table Public Relations Team Goes Hollywood for Trade Show

Making a grand entrance, the At The Table Public Relations (ATTPR) team embraced the party’s “Golden Era of Hollywood” theme and dressed to the nines as movie starlets Audrey Hepburn, Julie Garland, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Vivien Leigh. The ATTPR team posed for pictures, spoke to fans and enjoyed the evening in character.

Cheryl Miller, Principal and CEO of ATTPR, suggested the idea, which morphed into more than she expected once the imagination of the ATTPR team took hold.“We have a creative and fun atmosphere at At The Table Public Relations,” noted Miller. “Our team wanted to express that by going in character as our favorite 1940’s Hollywood actresses.”

Mrs. Miller transformed into one of the greatest screen legends, Vivien Leigh, donning a hoop skirt, hand fan and her best Scarlett O’Hara’s accent. Vice President, Lynn Kilroy, dressed as the classy and elegant Grace Kelly. Candace Rotolo, account manager, entertained and enthralled guests as Marilyn Monroe wearing the iconic white dress and blonde hair. Kasey Waterman, associate account executive, looked classically chic with sunglasses and a fake cigarette holder for her portray of Audrey Hepburn. Laura Hallmeyer, account associate, dolled up her best 1940’s hairdo to imitate Julie Garland.

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