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Florida Strawberries and Sunday Supper Tastemakers Visit OGGI Italian - Davis Islands

On Saturday, January 14th, At The Table PR along with Strawberry Sue and Tiffany Dale (Florida Strawberry Growers Association) and the Tastemakers from Sunday Supper experienced a berry delicious dinner at OGGI Italian Davis Islands. An evening of fun, friends, and food that everyone enjoyed! OGGI presented dinner options that included a Strawberry Caprese Salad, Pollo Al Forna with Fragola, and a Strawberry Mozzarella Wheel. Florida Strawberries is kicking off the strawberry season by working with local restaurants that are educating consumers our very special winter fruit. Florida strawberries are harvested beginning late November/early December all the way to late March/early April. OGGI will feature several strawberry inspired dishes beginning on Valentine’s Day.

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