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Looking to boost your restaurants' sales? Need more butts in seats?

Local Store Marketing for Restaurant Owners and Operators

The ceremonial ribbons have been cut, backs slapped in congratulations and grand opening signs gone.

Now what? Opening your restaurant’s doors for business ignites initial interest and momentum but will only fuel sales for so long before the next new business takes the spotlight.

Fortunately there are ways to re-generate excitement, renew interest and revive stagnant or, even worse, sagging sales. And these ideas can be implemented quickly, customized to your local community and designed to be cost-effect.

Local Store Marketing (LSM) is a steadfast way to make sure you court and keep those customers who are right in your own backyard. By being proactive, building personal relationships and becoming a resource for the community, you let your customers know you care and they, in turn, take care of you by patronizing your business.

Even well established businesses that have relied too long on tired marketing tactics can use new strategies to boost their bottom lines by implementing LSM to leverage customer loyalty, bolster their local reputations and build top-of-mind awareness within a five-mile radius.

Multi-unit concepts must find a way to make their individual markets their own. No two markets are identical. That is where an individualized, customized marketing plan comes into play. Where one neighborhood is characterized by empty nesters and an aging population another is filled with lofts and condos housing millennials.

As the principal and CEO of At The Table Public Relations I have helped create these strategies for multi-unit franchises boasting strong brand recognition to smaller start-ups that need to build an enviable track record in order to attract investors.

A franchise with locations throughout the Southeastern U.S. recently implemented LSM plans I created for restaurants in various states. The results registered sales growth that reached double digits levels in some instances.

It’s all about keying in on the customer base found within close proximity of your restaurant to contact and connect with those residents, schools, churches and businesses who are your neighbors.

And this can be done digitally as well as “boots on the ground.”

Interested in more information? Give us a call and let us share how we can help! cmiller@atthetablepr.comor (813)251-4242.

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