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At The Table Public Relations in The Produce News

Founded in 1983, At The Table Public Relations, based in Tampa, FL, has served multiple food-related clients such as the legendary Bern's Steak House, The Chilean Avocado Importer's Association, Ocean Prime Restaurants and the Vidalia Onion Committee. Recognized for it's hard work and savvy in the food and beverage industry, the firm's staff members are also committed to food-related issues including hunger, the slow food movement and the culinary industry in general. The firm is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the International Foodservice Editorial Council, and it also supports and has committed hundreds of pro bono hours to the non-profit hunger organization Feeding America Tampa Bay. "Our firm has enjoyed almost 30 years of great client work and relationships," Cheryl Miller, principal and chief executive officer of At The Table Public Relations, who joined the firm in 1987 and who became CEO in April 2011, said in an April 24 press release. "We began to focus solely on the food industry 15 years ago, and it's proven to be a recipe for success. Our new name demonstrates our food-focus and we are not changing our menu." At The Table Public Relations' current clients include Sweetbay Supermarket, a Florida grocery store and part of Delhaize America; the Georgia Pecan Commission; Georgia Peach Council; Georgia Blueberry Commission and the Florida Beef Council. "After more than 14 years of working with the people from At The Table Public Relations, their hard work, attention to detail and results have created a long-lasting partnership that has benefited our commission in many ways," Duke Lane, chairman for the Georgia Pecan Commission, said in the press release. "As a food PR firm, they always come to the table with fresh, new ideas that help us achieve our goals," Nicole LeBeau, a spokesperson for Sweetbay Supermarket, added in the press release.

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